Next-Generation Digital Road Maps

Proposal of the Smartway Project Advisory Committee* "ITS Enters the Second Stage" (August 2004)

Sophistication of digital road map: “It is desirable for this action to be aggressively promoted with an intention to establish a mechanism that will allow such map data to realize advanced driving support systems and be kept up to date.

Follow-up on the Proposal (Aug. 2005)

  • Creating a mechanism that all road administrators are able to deliver updates on the latest and precise information of roads expeditiously to ordinary users, such as car navigation systems and so on.
  • Developing more detailed and easy-to-use digital road map database which will enable to create valuable driving support systems.

Based on the proposals noted above, the National Institute for Land and Infrastructure Management of the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport established a study group on next-generation digital road maps (chaired by Dr. Ryosuke Shibasaki, Professor of the University of Tokyo). In March 2007 the study group proposed requirements for next-generation digital road maps and a concept for a location referencing system that enables to exchange relevant road information. Following these requirements and concept, DRM has continued to develop and realize a functional precise digital road map and is working to generalize an innovative location referencing system.

Assistance for safe driving through coordination with maps