To use the DRM Database

DRM Database: Price List

[Annual Usage Fee]

Annual Usage Fee for nationwide DRM database is 7,200 thousand yen.

(excluding consumption tax)

Nationwide Version
7,200 thousand yen

* Annual Usage Fee after 10 years use is reduced to 5,400 thousand yen.
* Regarding Annual Usage Fee for Local Version, please contact us for details.

[Royalty] (in the case when you make your products using DRM database)

a. Royalty for Embedded Type
Embedded Type is the type to utilize DRM database in car navigation
terminals, digital map packages, or map embedded systems etc.

(excluding consumption tax)

Nationwide Version
114 yen/unit

* Regarding Royalty for Local Version, please contact us for details.

b. Royalty for Center Map Type
Center Map Type is the type to utilize DRM database in the center server and
provide the created information to the terminals through internet or cellular
phones/smart phones.

(excluding consumption tax)

Rank Royalty
(thousand yen / month)
User Count
PV Count(million)
(in case user count is not identified).
A31.5 Under 50Under 25
B92.1 50 to under 20025 to under 100
C232.0200 to under 1,000100 to under 500
D 678.41,000 to under 4,000500 to under 2,000
E1,709.54,000 to under 10,0002,000 to under 5,000

* Royalty for rank above E and Royalty for Local Version would be determined separately.

The above chart shows the outline only, please contact us for details.

Trial version

For those who wish to try the DRM Database, the trial version for the following areas can be used for free of charge.

Areas for the trial version
Four segments near Tsukuba City (544000, 544001, 544010, 544011)
Four segments in Tokyo (533946, 533947, 533956, 533957)