ITS and Digital Road Maps

Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS) are new systems which use the latest communication technologies to create an information network of people, roads, and vehicles for the purpose of resolving road traffic problems such as traffic accidents and congestion. Digital road maps play a fundamental role in many areas of ITS, including the advancement of navigation systems and road management.

Nine Areas of Development for ITS,

  • 1 Advancement of navigation systems
  • 2 Electronic toll collection systems
  • 3 Assistance for safe driving
  • 4 Optimization of traffic management
  • 5 Improving the efficiency of road management
  • 6 Support for public transportation
  • 7 Improving the efficiency of commercial vehicles
  • 8 Support for pedestrians, etc.
  • 9 Support for emergency vehicle operation

Route selection using data that ranks roads by ease of driving