Supporting Members

Supporting Members

For those who agree with the purposes of our Association, we would like to ask you to join us as the supporting members.

Privileges of the supporting members

The supporting members are entitled to:

  1. use the digital road map database of our Association
  2. receive the research result
  3. receive the in-house magazine, pamphlet, etc.
  4. participate in workshop
  5. receive the performance reports and implementation plans, etc.
  6. receive the useful documents as needed in addition to above.

To become a Supporting Member

Based on the rules of the Japan Digital Road Map Association's Articles of Incorporation (Article 30th Foundation), a person approving of the purposes of our association can become a supporting member.

To become a supporting member, the support fee of 300,000 yen (one unit per year) is required and the number of unit is arbitrary from one unit.